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the book of love

it's full of flowers & heart-shaped boxes & things we're all too young to know

Mae Vaughan
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I'm Mae. That much should be pretty obvious from the user name, but I suppose you never know with people these days. I'm a blogger over at the fabulous Chaos in General, where the brilliant Caroline Carter and I (along with other friends) wax prophetic (yes, prophetic) about things to come on your (well, really, our) favorite TV shows from week to week. When we're not predicting what the plot has in store for our favorite characters, we're generally musing about television (a.k.a. chaos) in general. I have a ridiculously over-active imagination and am far too analytical for my own good, but it serves me well for the purpose of the blog. I have another LJ account for my personal, "real world" life and my "real world" friends who don't understand the beauty of fandom - therefore, this is journal of fandom rambling and nothing more than fandom rambling! ALL FANDOM, ALL THE TIME!

I ramble too much, I'm incredibly longwinded, I'm an obsessive OTP fangirl to the core, and I have a major issue with procrastination.

Oh, and if you like Ben Affleck we're simply never going to get along.